Roswheel and SAHOO tools and bike puncture repair kits

16 piece Puncture Repair Kit

  • 8cc tube rubber glue (no benzene or toluene)
  • 3x plastic tyre levers
  • 11x patches: 2x 32x50mm, 3x 30mm, 6x 25mm
  • Metal rasp

Item number 21338

SAHOO Multi-Tool/Puncture Repair Wallet

  • 16-in-1 Multi-tool (item 22047)
  • 8cc tube rubber glue (no benzene or toluene)
  • 2x plastic tyre levers
  • 6x patches
  • Metal rasp
  • Storage pouch with compartments, Velcro flap and belt loop

Item number 21042

Chain Link Remover

  • High quality, galvanised, heat-treated steel
  • Available with or without backing card (23066-2, 23066-1)

Item number 23066

Metal Tyre Lever Set

  • High quality plated steel
  • Set of three on backing card

Item number: 23280-2

SAHOO Tyre Lever Set

  • Very high quality reinforced plastic
  • Patented design
  • Supplied in set of three (one red, one blue, one yellow) 
  • All three interlock to keep them tidy
  • Weight: 40g, excluding packaging
  • 120mm long, 19mm wide, 5mm thick
  • Set of three supplied on retail backing card

Item number: B10017